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How to Feel Good in a Swimsuit

Most women would opt for a trip to the dentist versus putting on a swimsuit. It is the only time we expose ourselves to the general public in a nearly naked state, and doing so can bring out the inner critic in even the strongest of us. But donning a bathing suit usually means you’re about to enjoy some of warm weather’s most pleasurable activities. It’s worth putting a little effort into feeling good about your swim-ready body so you can forget about your appearance and enjoy the day’s activities.


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Clothing – Beauty in the Right Fit

What you wear can have an enormous impact on how you feel about yourself. Because of that, looking in your closet is either a pleasure or a dreaded chore. Whether you have clothes you love, or simply choose from the least evil of the available options has a lot more to do with how much thought you’ve put into planning your wardrobe than the shape of your body. It’s easy to fall into the habit of shopping for whatever catches your eye, with no thought to your overall wardrobe or what really complements your body. This is especially true if your body has changed and your eye hasn’t followed. If you’re buying clothes regularly and still have nothing to wear, you may need some help. I did, and I found it through a web site called Style Upgrade. Because there are six free courses offered, you can get custom fashion advice for nothing more than a little time investment. (more…)

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Choosing the Best Eye glasses for Your Face

Myopia. Hyperopia. Astigmatism. Whatever your vision problem might be, there are only three possible cures: surgery, contact lenses or eyeglasses. If you’ve got allergies or otherwise sensitive eyes, contacts are off the list. If you don’t have an extra couple thousand dollars to spend on LASIK surgery, that’s off the list, too. Your only option? Glasses.

There remain, to this day, lots of social stigmas attached to wearing glasses. “Only old people wear glasses” “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses!” Well, with the computer revolution, video games, televisions and poor nutrition all pitching in, children’s vision is progressively getting worse and (more…)

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How Men & Women View Their Bodies Differently

Most women know that men seem to have a superior view of their bodies than we do. It can be perplexing to those of us holding in our stomachs or backing out of rooms to watch a pot-bellied man strutting around naked. Of course, not every man is super confident of his body, but as a group, they are much more at ease with themselves than women. Men have much less pressure in society to look good, and that reduced pressure allows them to be less body focused. There’s also more of a broad spectrum of what constitutes a good-looking man, whereas women’s beauty is portrayed more narrowly.


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