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Keeping Your Makeup On

Out of all the questions that I get asked when it comes to cosmetics, I would have to say that this one gets asked most often: “How do I keep my makeup on?”

For many, this is of great concern and after a while, some get so frustrated that they just don’t wear makeup anymore. Have no fear! I’m here to tell you how to keep it on! And when you see how easy it actually is, you’ll never be naked faced again! (more…)

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Fall Makeup

If you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you probably can’t believe that we’re already into Fall. The weather here is so wonderfully warm! I think Mother Nature was just a little late bringing Summer to us this year. However, we are officially into the Fall season and it’s time to change a few things ladies!

Let’s start with your skin care routine. Some of you may find that your skin is beginning to feel a little drier than usual. The solution? Switch your moisturizer but don’t get into something too heavy, not yet. You want a moisturizer with just a little more richness than what you are currently using. Try to keep this particular moisturizer for your night time application only. The nights are the time of day that will dry your skin out the most because of the coolness that the Fall brings with it. (more…)

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Unique You

Each woman is unique and there is no other woman in the entire world like her. There is no one in the world that can “smile your smile”, “walk your walk” or “love your love”. Just think if you search this entire earth you will never find another you!  You exist only once in a lifetime, and when you are gone there will never be another.There is no need to try to be Oprah or Angela, or Vivica, or anyone else for that matter. There is no need to try to compete with other women, or to change our appearances in order to appear to be another woman. (more…)
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Moisturizing Extremely Dry Skin

As we age our skin begins loose some it’s moisture and we sometimes find ourselves without that baby soft skin that we began our lives with. Let’s face it we all want to keep our skin soft to the touch (even if we are the only one who touches our own skin).Keeping your skin soft and smooth seems to help hold on to an impression of youth. Here are a few tips to help keep the moisture in your skin and getting rid of dry alligator skin.Remember Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.Everyday life tends to deplete our skin of its natural moisture. The skin need to be replenished of this moisture.Use a body loofah or Buff Puff. These delicate body scrubbers remove dead skin cells while being gentle enough not to cause damage to the next layer of skin. (more…)
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How to Braid Hair

Follow this steps to learn to make a simple three-strand braid. If you do not have somebody with long straight hair to practice on, try applying 3 ribbons or strings. Tie them jointly at one end and assure it to a corkboard so that the ends are free. When you’ve mastered this simple braid, turn the page for instructions for a simple French Braid

Figure One:
Start your braid by parting off a strand of hair measuring about one inch wide. Divide that strand into three equal strands. (more…)

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