Care for Transitioning Hair

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Use Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner
Keeping your hair tangle free is your goal if you want to go natural through the long “scenic route” of transitioning. Get your hands on a good detangling shampoo and conditioner and save lots of time on styling.

Use a Leave-in with “Slip”
Leave in conditioners are very important to keeping your Black hair as strong and supple as possible. Using a leave-in with slip agents in it make it much easier to comb and detangle your hair. It’ll save you headaches and time by cutting down on knots and tangling.
Handle Hair Gently
The line of demarcation between the new natural hair and the older processed hair is where most breakage is likely to happen. You won’t be able to prevent all breakage, but handling your hair very gently will cut it down to a bare minimum. Get yourself a BIG wide toothed comb…it will become your best friend throughout the process.

Trim Ends Regularly
Be sure to trim the old process ends off your hair as you go along. As the hair gets older it starts to get weaker and ‘trashier’ and it suits you to cut off as much of it as you can every so often. This makes it much easier to manage and style.

If you follow these steps, making the big step to natural hair won’t be as difficult as you may have thought. Good luck on your journey to natural hair!

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