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Vintage Print Goes Matchy With Modern

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Vintage & Arrogant Styles:

Already Pretty, is a daily read for me. I love her real girl style and she mixes modern, vintage and second hand to perfection. Oh and she’s really smart too.This outfit especially caught my eye because it is so seamlessly modern looking and her matching – exactly matching – accessories are amazing. How is is that something designed over 40 years ago can match modern boots and bag so perfectly. (more…)

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Bold And Arrogant

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To say that this is a finish object would be to understate things. I feel as though I have climbed my knitting everest. Lady Eleanor, is finally complete.

I have knit other things; larger in size, more time consuming, but nothing quite like this.

There were times when I felt as though she was sucking life from me. And yet there were times when watching the changing colours of the Silk Garden was my happy place.

But despite the strife, the long time coming, I believe that this is the most beautiful thing I have ever knit. Bold, possibly arrogant statement, but I truly feel it. (more…)

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