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How to Fake a Tan for the Night

Step One: Prep in this Step
The key to pulling off the most even and natural bronzed look is to create skin that is evenly hydrated. Wash and tone your skin as per usual, then proceed to moisturizing. To ensure your moisturizer is absorbed completely I would suggest applying your eye look before your face look.

Step Two: Color is Key
I always suggest getting your bronze color from your bronzing powder rather then your foundation. Apply your foundation as per usually, where needed, with the exception that your application should be lighter then usual. Take your bronzing Powder and apply as followed:

Start at the bridge of your nose then follow upwards in a heart shaped sweeping movement stopping at your chin.
(Hint: Try and concentrate the color on you cheekbones, Point A, this will allow you to skip using blush)

Step Three: Make it Glow
Take an illuminating powder for extra glow and place on top of your cheekbones as well as on the bridge of your nose.

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