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Black Hair Braiding – Braids for Black Hair

The world would definitely be a different place without black hair braiding in it. Braids are black women’s official summer, maternity leave and bad hair day hairstyle all rolled into one (hehehe).That’s how important they are in so many of our lives!

Braiding is a big part of black culture coming from Africa, even before the days of slavery. Intricate braids were worn by black women as a symbol of beauty and status.

That tradition has carried on to our  present time. However these days braids  worn mainly for style purposes and are a hit  among people of every race, creed and color!

A few of the top reasons you and other women might have to consider braids are:

  • They’re easy to maintain
  • Less upkeep than wearing straight styles
  • Usually cheaper than other styles in the long run
  • Weather and moisture resistant
  • They give the hair “a break” from styling and chemicals

There are many different black hair braiding types and techniques you can investigate and try out. All these styles can be done by a professional at a black hair salon or you can even learn to do them yourself!

Box Braids
These are individual braids that are done on all of the hair and about the size of a pencil in thickness. These are the most used braided style and have very flexible styling options. Synthetic hair is usually used for this technique.

Goddess Braids
These are large braids that are usually cornrowed into intricate updo’s with elaborate details. They are usually done with synthetic hair.

Micro Braids
Also individuals, these braids are very small and are usually just plaited in an inch or two and the rest of the length of the brain left loose for a free flow look. Human hair is usually used for this technique.

Tree Braids
This technique gives one of the most natural looking finishes that almost makes it seems as though the hair is growing right out of the scalp. Human hair is usually used.

Twist Braids
This kind of braid is twisted rather than plaited and it gives a different style pattern to the braid but with all the flexibility of box braids. These kinds are also very easy to remove. Straight or kinky textured synthetic hair is usually used for this technique.

Yarn Braids
As the name suggests, yarn is used to do this technique. It’s used in the same way as synthetic hair would be with individuals. This technique is particularly good if you’re thinking about transitioning seamlessly to dreadlocks.

This is a style that doesn’t use individuals but instead makes the hair sit right against the scalp in whatever row patterns your imagination will lead you to. These braids get messed up the fastest, but also take the least amount of time to do. People usually cornrow their natural hair, but extension hair can be added for length.

There are a few more things to consider before you make a decision on which to choose. 

  • Time required to put them in
  • Time needed to take them out
  • Length of time you can wear them
  • Amount of upkeep required
  • Possible damage to your hair
  • Type of hair you can use to do them
  • Level of skill needed to do them
  • Cost

Of course, you can control all of these things (especially the price) if you learn how to braid your own hair. The best hair braiding instruction videos I’ve ever seen are from Braids by Breslin. Everybody who uses her videos say that the techniques she teaches are very easy to learn and understand and I totally agree. If you want to learn how to braid your own hair or anyone else’s like a pro they are your best bet!

Once you’ve covered all your bases and you’ve selected a black hair braiding style that’s right for you, jump right in! And hey, if you don’t like that style you can always take them out and start over. Who knows, you may become so good at it you want to start doing it professionally!

Happy braiding!


Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are an important factor in a lot of black women being able to keep their hair healthy and grow it longer. So what is a protective style? As the name suggests, a protective style is a style that protects (your hair that is)!

These styles don’t protect your hair from the boogie man or the creepy guy that lives down the street but from something much, much worse….

The air and your clothes!

O.k. before you think I’ve gone crazy let me explain. Have you ever seen an ear of corn with the outer husk on it? If you have, I bet you’ve noticed that the corn silk that’s sticking out of the top of the husk looks dry and trashy while the corn silk inside look smooth and glossy. The difference between the two? Exposure to the elements, and the same goes for your hair.  Read more

Hair Pieces for Black Women

Hair pieces for black women are a big gain to your stunner “bag of tricks”. They can modify your whole appear and take just a little effort in interchange for a whole lot of mode!

They are a quick fix, but not a bad one, because they can save you in a pinch. They come in many different forms.

These are pinned into your hair and add body, color, length and texture.

Drawstring Ponytails
These are put over a finished bun. The strings are then drawn tight to secure the ponytail unto your hair. Some times they even have combs attached for extra hold.

These have wefts of hair attached to them and can be used to add splashes of color to your style.
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Black Hair Weaves

Black hair weaves are very popular and are sometimes called ‘hair extensions’ by women of other ethnic backgrounds.  If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair on a daily basis a hair weave just might be the solution you’re looking for.

There are  many different reasons why you might want to get a weave.

  • To try a different look
  • Try things without affecting your own hair
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Do a lot of heat styling
  • Work in the performing arts?
  • Planning to going on vacation?
  • Save a lot of styling time
  • Maintain a professional look
  • Spend less time on your hair?
  • Heavily involved in athletics?

Depending on the type you get and the hair you use your maintenance can go down significantly. Read more

Black Hair Styles (How To)

Learn how to do black hair styles with these tips and techniques! If you want to try different things and don’t know where to begin, look no further.You’ve just stumbled upon on a goldmine on the net!

These days money is tight, and going to a professional is a luxury (I know it is for me!). Not to mention that I’ve been to many “professionals” that don’t seem to know what the heck they are doing. It was only when I took my hair’s care and health into my own hands that I started to see some real results. The same thing can happen for you too!If you want to get more hands on and start doing your hair yourself, this page will become you best friend. You’ll find clear and simple styling techniques, advice and tutorials about black hair styles you know and love, and maybe a few you didn’t even know existed. Read more