Illasmasqua Nail Polishes

Hi, I am Jennifer. I want to tell something about Illasmasqua Nail Polishes Products.I love these polishes. Sephora has many different finishes and colors. The ones below are all Satin, but when I use my top coats they are shiny:

-Vibrant Colors
-Long Wear Colors
-Satin Wear can be glossy if you use a topcoat
-Great for those that collect nail polishes and want to bring something new to the collection.
-Love the “rubbery” feel that reminds me of Nars packaging (however, no messy sticking to product) Read more

Beautiful Nail Care

Many women complain they can’t maintain nice nails.  I disagree.  Well-groomed hands are not only good for your overall image, they’re easy to attain.  First, you have to let go of some long-standing myths about beautiful nails:

There’s no need to:

  • Pay for regular manicures
  • Indulge in acrylic nails
  • Forego regular household chores
  • Avoid colored nail polish
  • Have excessive time to spend on your appearance

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