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Lens care is not just for prescription glasses

Sunglasses will last longer with a little bit of lens care as well. Here are some ideas on how you can get the materials you need to protect your sunglasses and keep them in top condition.

There are a number of different types of sunglasses lenses that will require some particular types of maintenance in order to remain useful. As an example, there are the interchangeable lenses for sunglasses for fly fishing. Interchangeable lens sunglasses require that you keep a special case for the lenses, one that will allow for protection when not in use. There are also special compounds and cleaning cloths that you will need to use in order to remove any water spots and contaminants that may have found their way onto the lenses during a fishing trip. It is important to remember that sunglasses with interchangeable lenses cost a little more than many standard types of sunglasses. Exercising proper lens care on interchangeable lenses help to keep this expensive type of sunglasses usable for many years, which is a great thing for the budget. Read more

King of all sunglasses accessories

Perhaps the king of all sunglasses accessories is the sunglasses case. These can come in soft side models, as well as more rigid types. All sunglasses cases will have some sort of protective lining that will effectively couch the sunglasses so that they are safe from scratching or being broken in a fall. Cases can be very plain affairs, much like the ones that you get when picking up a new prescription at the optometrist’s offices. There are also plenty of colorful cases out there that can be just as much of a fashion accessory as any pair of sunglasses. Let the looks of the cases reflect your personality, but just make sure that any cases you purchase have a nice lining that will protect the glasses, as well as be easy for you to open and close.

Along with having a great pair of sunglasses, there is also the need to invest in some sunglasses accessories. Some of these may be practical, but all of them can also be a lot of fun. Here are some examples of sunglasses accessories that are a must if you want to preserve the life and condition of your sunglasses.

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Lacoste Sunglasses

To test the sunglasses, Consumer Reports used a spectrophotometer for measuring the amount of UV and visible light that was blocked by the sunglasses being tested. The standards by which the results were measured against were from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The ANSI standards were used because according to Consumer Reports, The ANSI standards apply to three classes of nonprescription sunglasses: cosmetic, general purpose, and special purpose sunglasses. The standards include limits on transmission of both UVB and UVA (the two kinds of UV rays that damage the eyes). Cosmetic models are allowed to transmit up to 30 percent of the UVB striking the sunglass lens. General purpose models, however, must block at least 95 percent of the UVB and much of the UVA as well. Standards for special purpose models – sunglasses used for mountain-climbing, skiing, and the like – are the most stringent. Those models must filter out at least 99 percent of the UVB to meet the standard. Read more

BCBG Sunglasses

Movie stars, athletes,and other famous celebrities have one thing in common when it comes to fashion – they all wear sunglasses when out in the “real world”. Whether they do it to try and hide their identities or merely as a fashion statement, we can’t really know.

One thing is for sure though, this practice of wearing shades, sometimes even during the night, has rubbed off on millions of fans, celebrity wannabes and the general public, making sunglasses rank among the most popular fashion accessories today.However, in the flurry of trying to emulate their favorite Hollywood stars, people don’t usually realize that sunglasses are actually more beneficial to them, and not because it helps them to look like Jennifer Lopez. These fun but practical pieces of eye wear can actually shield your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, and help prevent blindness and a host of other eye disorders. Read more

Spy Sunglasses from Sunglasses Universe

Spy sunglasses have become the favorite eye wear for extreme sports enthusiasts throughout the world. All Spy sunglasses are designed in California, handcrafted in Italy, and undergo an elaborate quality control process. Most Spy sunglasses and goggles are actually hand painted by an Italian artisan.

Every pair of Spy sunglasses is optically correct and protects your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Breakthrough optical engineering advncements such as ARC prismatic lenses, Trident polarized lenses and the patented Scoop frame design clearly set Spy sunglasses apart from the competition. Read more

Maui Jim Sunglasses from Sunglasses Universe

Maui Jim sunglasses are some of the finest polarized sunglasses online, and Sunglasses Universe® is one of a small number of authorized Maui Jim Internet dealers. These sunglasses feature a seven layer polarized lens system so unique that Maui Jim was awarded an exclusive patent on the technology. This patented manufacturing design allows Maui Jim sunglasses to produce amazingly clear, sharp, glare-free vision that quite honestly puts other sports and polarized sunglasses to shame. Read more