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Covergirl product Description, Product Info, Pricing, etc

Description of the product on their website by stating, “This breakthrough formula with Olay Regenerist Serum and SPF 22 stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, unlike the leading anti-aging department store foundation that can gather in wrinkles and make skin look older. Clinically shown to provide significant improvement in skin condition in just four weeks.” Their website shows that 477 customers have reviewed the product and the average is 4 out of 5 stars. It also won a really impressive award, the Beauty Insider Choice Winner Award (CEW). Read more

Ladies Lacoste Hoodie

The fresh and sporty look we’ve come to expect from Lacoste is easily seen in their line of women’s hoodies. The ladies Lacoste hoodie is available in tunic, sweatshirt, and sweater designs with a variety of colors to choose from. Whether worn as a layer over workout gear or as a casual shirt, a Lacoste hoody looks and feels great along with providing the protection of a hood.

The hoodies are also made from a variety of materials; terry cloth, pique cotton, and cotton / nylon / spandex blends. There are even hooded sweaters made from wool to provide you the warmest wear on chilly days. Read more

Wacoal Bras

Intimate apparel should make you shine from the inside out. You can have the beautiful self-image and confidence that you strive for with Wacoal bras. Wacoal America is part of one of the world’s largest intimate apparel amalgamations. Initiated by a young Japanese entrepreneur, Wacoal bra designs became known throughout Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States for high quality fit, design, and fabrics. Designs are adapted to specific sizes, whether petite, medium or fuller figures; and are presented in lightweight, comfortable styles to suit different tastes and trends. Read more

Fortune Teller, Gypsy and Belly Dancer Jewelry

These elegant characters have the pleasure of wearing lots of beautiful jewelry. Fortune tellers need a gaudy ring on nearly every finger and piles of dangly bangles on both wrists. Gypsies need big hoop earrings and multiple strands of beads around their necks, and wide bangles on their wrists.Belly dancers come in several different varieties, depending on the regions from which they hail. A traditional Egyptian belly dancer can use c, layered-chain chokers and necklaces, and ornate wrist bands. “Tribal” belly dancers, from Turkey or Afghanistan, for example, need lots of rustic metal and glass stone pieces, and even braided threads and tassels. And of course, every belly dancer needs a beautiful bindi or set of bindi adornments for her forehead.

All three of these characters can get by with a little – or a lot! – of dangly coin jewelry, too.

Vampire Jewelry

Vampires are very serious about their jewelry, as they tend to be very fashion-conscious. Lately it’s been trendy for female vampires to sport wide, velvety chokers featuring single, eerie figural or gemstone pendants. Of course, vampires have a thing for blood, so make sure you find something with a deep, blood-red color in a gemstone, enamel, or even rhinestones.

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Princess and Fairy Jewelry

First and foremost, a princess needs a bejeweled crown or tiara. Look for something made with artfully twisted wire, beads and rhinestones – or try making one yourself! A princess generally comes from a wealthy family, so she’s expected to wear lots of sparkling gemstones. Her necklace can be simple, with one extravagant pendant as a focal point, or multi-layered with rows of drapey chains.

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