ELF Studio Line Eyeshadow Swatches

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I have listed swatches below for the ELF Studio Line Eye shadows I own. They blend wonderfully and are packed full of pigments. I could name a MAC dupe for each one of them, so I really suggest picking up at least four or five to see if you like them.

The only ones I find the least bit chalky are Butter Cream and a tiny bit in Wild Wheat, but every line I have ever tried has a chalky shadow here and there.Wild Wheat and Butter Cream would be beautiful on darker skin tones or maybe when I have a tan.

No regrets with my last two ELF purchases. The $1 eye shadows are alright, but for only .50 more with the discount code, I definitely recommend the singles for quality shadows. The $1 eyeliner brush is a great little eyeliner brush! Great quality.
Again, the powders I totally enjoy and the gold star goes to the Studio Line flat top powder brush that blends my foundation like a dream. My favorite single eye shadows are Raspberry Truffle, Amethyst, Pebble, Coffee Bean and Charcoal. Love ‘em! I really want to try more of their products from the studio line and the mineral line!

Top Row, Left to Right: Amethyst, Charcoal, Mystic Moss

Second Row, Left to Right: Coffee Bean Wild Wheat, Saddle Third Row, Left to Right: Raspberry Truffle, Pebble, Butter Cream and Sand Dollar

ELF Studio Line Eyeshadow Swatches
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