Glider Rocking Chair Styles

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A Brief History of Glider Rocking Chairs

They certainly don’t have the history of their predecessors as they have only been in existence since 1930 created as an oak glider rocking chair. It is based on a platform rocking chair where the rocking motion is delivered through a four bar linking track that runs along the chair’s base. It’s a non-parallel apparatus whose suspension allows it to move back and forth.

The swivel base was added in the 1960s by an American furniture maker. This allowed the chair to increase its mobility from merely rocking back and forth to rotating 180 degrees in both directions.

Many new mothers choose glider rocking chairs as their number one tool for soothing their newborns. Gliders differ from your standard rocking chair in that they slide back and forth in a smooth motion. When there is a new child in the family these chairs are perfect for consoling a child that is crying as they are easy to get into and get out of. It has a stationary base on which the glider can swivel making it entirely accessible. The base is raised so that the swiveling motion doesn’t harm you floor. A glider rocking chair will cost sufficiently more than a typical wooden rocking chair as they are usually upholstered with full padding. There is little to distinguish them from a reclining chair, actually; and several come in kits that require assembly.

Standard costs of a swivel glider rocking chair:

  • Your basic wooden glider with arm pads and cushioned seat may run from $120 to $480.
  • Fully upholstered glider rockers most suited for nurseries start in the low $300 and go as high as $1200.
  • Optional matching Ottomans may tack on an additional $200.
  • Expect to pay substantially more for custom fabrics.

What to look for:

    • Your glider should be able to lock into position to prohibit rocking as needed.
    • There should be a manufacturer’s warranty covering your chair for at least 1 year.

Ideally you want your glider chair covered for 10 years as there are parts like bearings along the gliding frame that may need to be replaced.

Many stores can grant discounted rocking chairs and gliders paired with an ottoman, especially at clearance sales times. Regardless of what you pay, you will want to test the glider rocker to make sure you can enter and exit it easily. You want to make sure you have enough room in the chair if you plan on using it to nurse. Springs beneath the seat should attach to the cushions and connect to the frame. This will increase support and decrease shock. You may however opt for a detachable cushion for easy washing.

Glider Rocking Chair Styles
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