How to Wash Black Hair

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Knowing how to wash black hair is the foundation of the rest of your healthy hair habits.

The hair care methods you use will depend on how you choose to wear your hair. The state your hair is in and the types of processes you do to it count too.However, there are two hair care rules that apply to ALL hair if you want it to be healthy and beautiful.

1. Keep it clean.
2. Keep it conditioned.

There’s another rule that must go for everybody when learning how to wash black hair.

Be Very Gentle!

I can’t stress that one enough.

If you haven’t already, identify your hair type to have a jump off point for choosing the right products for your hair.

Now…let’s talk a little about the right way to wash your hair.


Black hair looks very strong and course. But the truth is, your hair is very delicate and should be treated that way. It also tends to be on the dry side so an important part of learning how to wash black hair is using the gentlest shampoo available that meets your hair’s needs. Be sure to use it sparingly…because in this case, “squeaky clean” is a bad thing!

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