I love the Emporio Armani Jeans!

It was Saturday and my girlfriend went home, I was home alone, so I decided to take a walk down the street. Because it was the weekend, there were many people on the street, and was a bit tight after a few stores, I came to an Emporio Armani, I knew a little about it before, was a very successful Italian brand and clothing that is very expensive, but now had a well paying job, so it was not idle for me, so I’m in.A very nice shopping guide came to and asked if I could help with a smile, I said I did not want to buy something special and I hope that I could some introductions to the mark, fortunately, were not many customers now, so she agreed.

I looked around and saw that it was equal a department store, the girl explained that “Emporio” was the meaning of the Italian department store, was also the mark of Giorgio Armani, who said the public and the style was very young, so there were many things here, like clothes, watches, perfumes and other related things. Its founder Giorgio Armani (which I found the famous brand are all in the name of its founder, is very interesting) was born in northern Italy, the world war broke the peace of a quiet village and was injured, his eyes once lost the light, so he decided to study medicine, but soon changed his mind, he was afraid of blood.

An opportunity accidentally found his sister’s picture was placed in a department store, so he joined the company as a window dresser, his talent was appreciated by the design study of nine Cerruti design, so he was taken to accept the clothing design training and worked on the study for six years. When I was forty years, decided to establish their own business, so he founded the company and Scarantino Emporio Armani, he had no goal at that time, I could not think great minds mature slowly, they become the most successful and richest in the world design, also create a brand value of more than two million. His thoughts at that time was simple, he thought men’s clothing was very boring, he stressed, so I wanted the clothes have more personalities. After that men and women left PowerSuite Armani, who became a symbol of the country was floured, then cooperated with Stars Armani long term and became successful in gradually.

On the recommendation of the girl who finally picked up a stick and a pair of Emporio Armani Jeans, T-shirt lining added fashion followed the Japanese style of ease and mature, and I was very pleased.

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