Maui Jim Sunglasses from Sunglasses Universe

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Maui Jim sunglasses are some of the finest polarized sunglasses online, and Sunglasses Universe® is one of a small number of authorized Maui Jim Internet dealers. These sunglasses feature a seven layer polarized lens system so unique that Maui Jim was awarded an exclusive patent on the technology. This patented manufacturing design allows Maui Jim sunglasses to produce amazingly clear, sharp, glare-free vision that quite honestly puts other sports and polarized sunglasses to shame.Choose from the new Maui Jim Sport or Maui Jim Titanium Sport lines. Or buy a pair from the Classic collection below 100% risk free. When you feel the quality and see the clarity, you’ll know why they have become the most sought after polarized sun glass brand in the world.

Maui Jim has three different lens options
Please note that not all lenses are available for every Maui Jim model. Please click on the item of interest above to see individual lens options.

Neutral Gray- The original Maui Jim lens offers the highest available glare reduction. This polarized lens is suitable for all light conditions, especially bright direct light.

Maui Rose- The Maui Rose lens offers the sharpest contrast and image resolution plus the unmatched glare protection of Polarized Plus. This lens is sunglass lens is excellent for fast action activities, low light conditions, and for people who prefer a subtle rose hue for everyday wear.HCL Bronze-(High Contrast Lens) offers enhanced contrast plus the unmatched glare protection of Polarized Plus. This lens is ideal for hazy, overcast or foggy days, or for consumers who prefer a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear.

Maui Jim Sunglasses from Sunglasses Universe
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