Mini Wet N Wild Haul

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 I was desperately looking for the new Wet N Wild products. I could not find anything in my local Walgreens or Rite-Aid. *wimper* I really love their products and am very impressed by the quality. It is not just by chance that I liked the quality of the last polishes I bought as I have tried each of the below polishes and I really only needed one coat. I did a quick second coat for all of the colors, but could have gotten away with the 1st coat. LOVE THEM! Get this…they were all on sale for 69 cents. The eye shadows were at the regular cost of $1.99. I love to find the BOGO deals, but even at the regular prices, the eye shadows are just wonderfully priced and great quality.

I can remember when my grandmother would have Wet N Wild polishes in her collection when I was a child. Do you remember the days when you either got Wet N Wild or Revlon in the drugstore when it came to nail polishes? At least that is how it was in my local drug stores…very few choices and she preferred Wet N Wild over Revlon. She enjoyed the coverage and she always had bright corals, reds and pinks. Oh, how I miss her.

She reminded me so much of Marilyn Monroe and how Marilyn would have aged, but we lost her to breast cancer several years ago. She was gorgeous! I would guarantee that she would have been so proud of my recent polish choices. They are amazing with only one coat needed. The brush doesn’t fray and I only put a second coat on because it seemed like it was what I am supposed to do, but I could have gotten away with just one beautiful bright coat.Let’s start with the shadows. I have been looking for a replacement to my Blanc Type that was discontinued by MAC. I know it was on the death list and I do believe it is gone now. Either way, the Wet N Wild dupe I have found is even less expensive after my pro discount. I used Blanc Type probably five days a week and am just in love with this Brulee single, which is really close to the matte vanilla color in the Wet N Wild Vanity Palette. I wanted a back up so I got two alone with the gorgeous Nutty. I love this color too! I wore them today, just the two colors with a great eyeliner and it was fine. I went natural today and it was perfect! .

Mini Wet N Wild Haul
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