Moisturizing Extremely Dry Skin

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As we age our skin begins loose some it’s moisture and we sometimes find ourselves without that baby soft skin that we began our lives with. Let’s face it we all want to keep our skin soft to the touch (even if we are the only one who touches our own skin).Keeping your skin soft and smooth seems to help hold on to an impression of youth. Here are a few tips to help keep the moisture in your skin and getting rid of dry alligator skin.Remember Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Everyday life tends to deplete our skin of its natural moisture. The skin need to be replenished of this moisture.

Use a body loofah or Buff Puff. These delicate body scrubbers remove dead skin cells while being gentle enough not to cause damage to the next layer of skin.

Sugar Scrubs which can be found at places like Bath and Body Works, really do work wonders on the skin. They live the skin feeling soft and supple with no oily residue.

Those of you who use Dove moisturizing or exfoliating body wash already know the wonders that it works on dry skin.

Don’t take hot showers. Hot water can dry your skin and take away some of your skin’s natural moisture. Taking warm (tepid) showers can eliminate this problem.

Using baby oil before you rinse in the shower adds an extra moisture boost to your skin. Also the water from the shower helps your skin to absorb the oil. Neutrogena bath oil helps also.

When getting out of the shower add Baby Oil gel to your favorite moisturizing lotion, this also aids in absorbency. While helping to replenish moisture.

Try taking a warm bath with Vaseline bath beads and Vaseline bath and body oil in the water. Make sure that you remain in the water at least 15 minutes to allow the water to start to penetrate your skin.
If you skin no longer begins to wrinkle after spending 15 minutes in the bathtub than you should probably stay in a little longer and start taking more baths instead of showers.
You can use this time to relax with a good book or listen to some good music. Light some candles and create a little atmosphere. Remember to rinse off after taking your bath. This helps to remove the excess oils from your body.

When going to bed apply Neutrogena crème for extremely dry skin (which can be found at your local drug store or Wal-Mart) to your hands and feet and use hand gloves and foot socks that are made for use with moisturizing crèmes. Mary Kay has a wonderful Satin Hands treatment that can be used on hands and feet. Contact your local Mary Kay consultant for a free trial or sample.

This content is written by La Dawn Skeeters.

Moisturizing Extremely Dry Skin
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