Outdoor Rocking Chairs

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As you may well know not every rocking chair is made for outdoors. Unless your rocker is treated with special chemicals that are suited to preserve wood or the material of your chair is not prone to rot then you face the harsh treatment of the elements that can quickly ruin any furniture left outside. While an outdoor rocking chair won’t last forever, it will surpass the lifetime of any untreated chair.

Outdoor rocking chairs are made of materials that can withstand wind, rain, snow and other harsh elements of nature. These materials include such things as various hard woods like Shorea wood (a tropical hard wood that serves as an inexpensive alternative to teak), oak, teak, the rot and termite resistant white cedar and many new sources of sustainable wood crops. Other non-wood materials include patio resins and recycled plastics.

How long it will last is dependent on which of these materials is used to manufacture the rocking chairs. Resin outdoor rocking chairs will last decades as resins will not warp, peel or blister in extreme temperatures; they are scratch resistant and are virtually maintenance free materials. They give the appearance of natural wood so if you’re going for the wood look you won’t have to look far beyond resin rocking chairs for durability and style.

Speaking of style, many people like to choose classic white for outdoors. It’s a clean look that agrees with almost every kind of outdoor setting. Many outdoor white rocking chairs come in loveseat models so that you can share some intimacy with a loved one. More times than not when looking at a white rocking chair, outdoor models are the most commonly found. Some would call these classic rockers or contemporary. Many are made with painted resin surfaces but more and more manufacturers are using plastics cast from molds.

Another great alternative is painted and weather treated wood. This looks gives you the natural texture of the wood while still protecting your chair from the elements. Still you can bypass wood treating and go straight to plastics. These materials are becoming more and more eco-friendly as the materials are very often recycled from other plastics. The recycled material is just as durable as any wood and lasts far longer than even weather proofed woods.

When you need a great piece of furniture that is going to enhance the relaxing motif of the outdoors, rocking chairs are the best alternative to any other seating. It’s been proven that the motion of rocking back and forth has been very therapeutic for all kinds of ailments and for stress relief. As far as pricing rocking chairs, you should be able to find any style you want at an affordable price. While they can be expensive, they don’t have to be. Your most important decision should be to find one made of quality materials that will survive harsh weather and which is truly made for outdoors.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs
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