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Milani Review

I will be Reviewing Some  products in a beauty supply . I really enjoy Milani products.

First, I got two of their polishes that go on really smoothly. They are the 3D Holographic polishes in silver and gold. I see that the silver has a name called Cyberspace, but I don’t see a name for the gold one. With two coats, I got an opaque coverage. I was thinking that the silver especially may look nice over a charcoal or black for a party or  night out just to add the sheer 3D Holographic look. Read more

Choosing the Right Make Up Mirror | Makeup Lighted Mirror

Ultimate source for makeup lighted mirror with lots of options and pictures comparison including with cheap and best discounts. Choosing the Right Make Up Mirror is best view for blogger. You may know that I am working on the find for great content on makeup lighted mirror, understanding that a makeup lighted mirror is necessary for the correct information. I found a really informative piece of content that give the information about makeup lighted mirror from a new perspective. Make sure you go over this information and let me know what you think. Today’s information is titled Choosing the Right Make Up Mirror and you can grab the all article published below for your reference. Read more

Hair Pieces for Black Women

Hair pieces for black women are a big gain to your stunner “bag of tricks”. They can modify your whole appear and take just a little effort in interchange for a whole lot of mode!

They are a quick fix, but not a bad one, because they can save you in a pinch. They come in many different forms.

These are pinned into your hair and add body, color, length and texture.

Drawstring Ponytails
These are put over a finished bun. The strings are then drawn tight to secure the ponytail unto your hair. Some times they even have combs attached for extra hold.

These have wefts of hair attached to them and can be used to add splashes of color to your style.
Read more

Makeup Myth: More Makeup Will Cover Up Flaws and Make me Look Younger

Although we would like to think that youth and turning back the hands of time is as simple as dabbing some more foundation and bronzer on it is not! The simple truth of it all is that putting too much makeup on will absolutely age you beyond your years.
When thinking about a specific makeup look you are trying to achieve there is a simple rule everyone should follow: less is more! Makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty, it is not there to distract away from it. Follow these simple tips and you will ensure a classic look that will enhance your beauty Read more

Confessions of a Beauty Addict

I am certain everybody can say that they’ve something that they are passionate about in life, well with me I would have to say that would be the beauty world. You can find me on most weekends at your local cosmetics sections or specialty store looking for the latest and greatest Modern products that assures that whatever it is meant to do, it does it best! Now, I am delighted that I can bring all of my escapades to you. Read more