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Hair Growth Rates

Understanding what hair growth rates are and what it means to your own hair goals is very important.

Everyone’s hair grows…yours too, even when it doesn’t seem like it! If you have a relaxer and you’ve ever had to get a retouch, or if you wear braids and have had to have them redone, those things show without a doubt that your hair is growing. Read more

Hair Growth

Since the dawn of time hair growth has been a touchy subject. I’m not even going to get into the who, where, how and why of it.

If you’ve always wanted to have better quality or faster growth, I’m sure you know who you are. Here are some tips you can use to help you along in your ‘tress quest’!

Thinning of the Hairline and Hair Loss
Find out the causes and get treatment and prevention tips of this problem. Read more

Black Hair Growth Growth Issues

There are many things that might make you feel like your hair is not growing.

Since black hair has a curl pattern, the length isn’t always easy to see because the hair “shrinks” up sometimes as much as 80%! Unless you straighten your hair or find ways to allow it to remain ‘stretched’ you might think that your hair isn’t very long when it is. Read more

Black Hair Growth – Separating Fact from Fiction

For years I’ve listened to debates about black hair growth. I’ve heard black women saying “My hair just doesn’t grow” or “Girl know you’ve got that growing hair”

Think about this….if you have a relaxer or you get your hair done in braids or locks, don’t you have to go to the salon for a touch up, re-braid or retighten every so often? Yes!…you do!

What that means is that your hair does grow. If it didn’t, the hair care industry would have a meltdown because they’d never sell another tub of relaxer or service again! Read more