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Spy Sunglasses

Maybe you have never thought about having your own pair if spy sunglasses. But the fact is that there are quite a few of them you can choose from. Here are some examples of spy theme eyewear that you can enjoy.

Some of the most popular ideas for Spy sunglasses are inspired by spy organizations around the world. You can thrill to the dark mystery of the Spy KGB sunglasses, which are a special favorite all the world over. KGB Spy sunglasses have an almost classic look to them that everyone enjoys. Perhaps you would prefer to enjoy the suave British feel of the Spy M2 sunglasses, with their almost hip look that recalls the halcyon days of the spy thrillers that filled the movie houses. Read more

Gucci Sunglasses

Who hasn’t heard the name of Gucci and not associated it with style and polish? While not everyone can afford to own many Gucci items, the fact is that Gucci sunglasses are often within the budgetary range of many people. If you want to be able to say you own a Gucci item, then perhaps looking at the new Gucci sunglasses will be the chance you have been waiting for. Here are some basics on what you can find in the way Gucci styles and how you can locate Gucci sunglass options that are within your financial capability.

Polarized Gucci sunglasses are manufactured with the same stringent quality guidelines that you would expect from any Gucci product. However, that does not mean that all Gucci 2006 sunglasses look the same. You can choose to go with the classic Gucci tortoise shell sunglasses that have been a staple of jet set society for decades. There are the fun Gucci Havana sunglasses, Gucci Horsebit Sophia sunglasses, the beautiful Gucci Havana grey tint sunglasses, the over sized Gucci tortoise shell large sunglasses, and number of other designs to choose from. The range of styles will carry you from the classic to the fantastic and back again. Read more

Armani Sunglasses

When people think of Armani, they think of quality. Nothing says Armani like a beautiful pair of Armani sunglasses. From the Emporio Armani navigator sunglasses to the Emporio Armani project Red sunglasses, Armani supplies its customers with a look that is both fun and sophisticated. Here are some things about Armani sunglasses that may inspire you to run out and purchase a pair for yourself.

Because Armani and sunglasses go back for such a long time, it should be no surprise that Armani has developed a number of different types of quality sunglasses to choose from. Giorgio Armani sunglasses are crafted to last as well as to look spectacular, which is part of the reason for their success. Read more


After all, Prada is known the world over as a company that knows how to deliver both style and substance with everything that bears the name. This includes the excellent line of Prada sunglasses. If you have never given a close inspection to Prada and its product lines, here are some things you should know about Prada designer sunglasses.

Perhaps one of the first things to know about Prada sunglasses is that they offer a great line of Prada sunglasses for men. Just as there are all sorts of men, there are a number of different designs for male Prada sunglasses. Men Prada sunglasses run the gamut of something that works well with the most conservative of suits to designs that are meant for the wildest times that a man can hope to encounter. This wide range of wholesale Prada sunglasses is one of the things that make them so popular with men all over the world. Why look elsewhere when one company can cover all the bases for you? Read more

Lens care is not just for prescription glasses

Sunglasses will last longer with a little bit of lens care as well. Here are some ideas on how you can get the materials you need to protect your sunglasses and keep them in top condition.

There are a number of different types of sunglasses lenses that will require some particular types of maintenance in order to remain useful. As an example, there are the interchangeable lenses for sunglasses for fly fishing. Interchangeable lens sunglasses require that you keep a special case for the lenses, one that will allow for protection when not in use. There are also special compounds and cleaning cloths that you will need to use in order to remove any water spots and contaminants that may have found their way onto the lenses during a fishing trip. It is important to remember that sunglasses with interchangeable lenses cost a little more than many standard types of sunglasses. Exercising proper lens care on interchangeable lenses help to keep this expensive type of sunglasses usable for many years, which is a great thing for the budget. Read more

Designer Sunglasses

You don’t have to pay huge bucks in order to enjoy the quality of designer sunglasses. In fact, there are a number of outlets that build their entire business plan around supplying discount designer sunglasses. Here are some suggestions of places to look for designer sunglasses that will please both your eyes and your wallet.

Location has a lot to do with finding designer sunglasses at a great price. For example UK designer sunglasses can often be found at shops that are out of the way. Last year’s models often find their way into the discount shops that are not part of the more fashionable shopping districts, and the selection will be fantastic. Read more