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Spy Sunglasses

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Maybe you have never thought about having your own pair if spy sunglasses. But the fact is that there are quite a few of them you can choose from. Here are some examples of spy theme eyewear that you can enjoy.

Some of the most popular ideas for Spy sunglasses are inspired by spy organizations around the world. You can thrill to the dark mystery of the Spy KGB sunglasses, which are a special favorite all the world over. KGB Spy sunglasses have an almost classic look to them that everyone enjoys. Perhaps you would prefer to enjoy the suave British feel of the Spy M2 sunglasses, with their almost hip look that recalls the halcyon days of the spy thrillers that filled the movie houses. (more…)

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Spy Sunglasses from Sunglasses Universe

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Spy sunglasses have become the favorite eye wear for extreme sports enthusiasts throughout the world. All Spy sunglasses are designed in California, handcrafted in Italy, and undergo an elaborate quality control process. Most Spy sunglasses and goggles are actually hand painted by an Italian artisan.

Every pair of Spy sunglasses is optically correct and protects your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Breakthrough optical engineering advncements such as ARC prismatic lenses, Trident polarized lenses and the patented Scoop frame design clearly set Spy sunglasses apart from the competition. (more…)

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