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The Winsor Rocking Chair

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Rockers were long used on baby cradles and toy rocking horses well before someone decided they would be of use on chairs. Baby cradles alone date back to as early as the 1400s, depicted in paintings of the time. These cradle designs date as far back as the middle ages of Europe. Later the curved bands were applied to children’s toy horses in Germany and gained popularity throughout the Victorian era.

There is some question as to who invented the first wooden rocking chair, however. There are tales that attribute its origin to Benjamin Franklin. There is, however, no historical evidence to back up this claim. Nonetheless, wood rocking chairs can be traced to North America around the 18th century. Originally they were crudely fashioned and used primarily in gardens. The chairs were basic wood chairs of the times with curved rocker bands attached to the legs. Around 1725, England was introduced to these chairs in the times of King George, where they were constructed with hooped backs for greater comfort. (more…)

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Styles Of Wooden Rocking Chairs

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There is nothing quite like the feel behind wooden rocking chairs when sitting down relaxing or caring for a child. They emanate classic feel and authenticity. But that is not to say that yours needs to be plain a wood rocking chair. There are many styles today that are stained, painted white, clear-coated, or treated with outdoor resins. In fact there are many styles of wood rocking chairs to choose from if you are in the market.

In the following article we will examine the wood rocker and its many styles. From this you will be able to determine which style strikes your interest most. First up is the classic rocker. These are the antique wooden rocking chairs your grandparents most likely had in their homes. (more…)

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